Essential functions

More capable people = optimal transformation from rock to metal

Each course is designed around essential functions for metallurgists. For example, the essential functions of a metallurgist working in Comminution are defined as:

Managing process inputs

  • Ore Body Knowledge - Mine to Mill and Geometallurgy

  • Material Properties

  • Fragmentation

  • Geometallurgical Process Throughput Models

Managing equipment and data

  • Equipment inspection and condition reporting - circuit equipment including ancillary equipment; consumables (liners) and operating conditions (e.g.: loads)

  • Managing measurement quality, inspection of sensors and samplers , calibration

  • Maintenance strategies and preventative maintenance
    Management of consumables (e.g.: equipment relining, media consumption, inventory management)

  • Laboratory and metallurgical test QA/QC

Managing the process

  • Process management - automation, manual, SOPs, fragmentation (stockpile management)

  • Routine use of comminution circuit diagnostic tools for performance management


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