The Metcelerate Programme - Overview

Metcelerate is the leading training company for engineers and metallurgists, crafting the best professionals in the industry. The Metcelerate course complements academic theory with practical on-the-ground mining work.

Metcelerate’s best-in-class offering sets the standard for productivity, certifying candidates as top-tier industry experts

Metcelerate’s training method is unique, enabling candidates to quickly reach optimal productivity by bridging the gap between theory and practice. The Metcelerate certification is trusted by mining companies globally when employing candidates.

Metcelerate is the best online course to translate academic knowledge into practical output to drive mining profitability.

Learners gain a certification that they can place on their profiles and that is globally recognised

Your company will have the most skilled and confident engineers and metallurgists in the industry. Metcelerate provides learners with a skillset that would otherwise take them years and high opportunity costs to deliver.

What is Metcelerate?

Metcelerate is a training course for metallurgists created by world-leading subject matter experts that have a unique combination of skills, networks, industry and education experience.

Online, flexible, self-paced technical content

Learning supported by practical activities

Problem-based approach develops higher-level skills

Expert facilitation and feedback

Assessed as pass/fail based on submission of activities

Online group interaction (social constructivism)

The Metcelerate Method

Metcelerate is designed with employers to meet 21st Century workplace requirements.

Created for modern learners using advanced instructional design and delivery tools

Includes learning activities and projects, facilitated by experienced mineral processing practitioners

Content includes video, audio, animations, diagrams, text, interactive, quizzes, and practical exercises

Covers fundamentals, applied problem solving, and hands-on experience

Relevant, up to date and high quality training material from world-renowned experts

In-plant activities to reinforce essential metallurgical functions are built into the program

What our learners say

It works in practice, to quote participants.

This research was conducted by third parties and is repeated after each course to enable improvements to the training.


It covers real life job issues and technical problems as well as theory.


I’ve been able to pass on knowledge to colleagues.


I now have a full understanding of how to do data from scratch and analyse.

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