Metcelerate is a proud sponsor of the Procemin-Geomet 2022 Conference, on Mineral Processing and Geometallurgy

A workplace-based training program for mineral processing engineers to transform their value to the organisation by translating academic knowledge and skills to practice.

It is estimated that less than 10% of what metallurgists need to perform optimally on the job, they learn at university. There is a need for practical training to build technical competence.

Metcelerate is an industry-wide holistic solution to training that addresses the full spectrum of skills required.

Metcelerate was created by world-leading subject matter experts that have a unique combination of skills, networks, industry and education experience. They have worked and trained across the world solving industry problems and improving mining profitability.

Created by the best people to create the best capabilities.


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Once your team has completed the course, they will work faster, have greater confidence, make fewer mistakes, and achieve significantly higher rates of metal extraction.

Created by the best people to create the best capabilities


Designed by globally recognised and rated mineral processing educators and industry practitioners


Covers fundamentals, applied problem solving, and hands-on experience (assignments and projects)


Created for modern learners using cutting edge instructional design and delivery

“(For mining companies) it is not the cost of ‘doing’, it is the cost of NOT doing it


Former executive and consultant to the mining industry.

The Metcelerate Hands-on Training Method

Metcelerate is designed with employers to meet the 21st Century workplace requirements

Close critical skills gap

Improve on the job performance and productivity right away

Reduce hiring costs and staff turnover


The program is mixed mode, i.e., online knowledge transfer coupled with in the workplace assignments for skills development

An online training curriculum for mineral processing engineers

To transform their value to the organization translating academic knowledge and skills to practice

The Team

The Metcelerate Governance Team

Diana Drinkwater


Dr Robert Seitz


Professor Jan Cilliers



It works in practice, to quote participants


It covers real life job issues and technical problems as well as theory.


Metcelerate has extracted the knowledge of the ‘sages’ of metallurgy.


Metcelerate helps tie the pieces together of what I have already learned on the job.


I compare progress and identify how I can do it better leading to more productivity.


I now have a full understanding of how to do data from scratch and analyse.


It saves us from reinventing the wheel. It accelerates.

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