Developed by and for mining companies

The Metcelerate methodology was developed with employers to meet 21st Century workplace requirements.


“It works in practice” – is what the Metcelerate learners say.


Metcelerate provides learners with a skillset that would otherwise take years and high opportunity costs to achieve.

The program consists of:

What is covered in each course?

In this course you will see:

Certificates for all courses

At the end of each course of the program, the participant receives a digital certificate that confirms the course was taken and another certificate upon completion of the program.

The four main features of the program

Online material to deepen and broaden knowledge

The self-guided study material is available through the unique Metcelerate on-line learning platform. The participants review the weekly study material at the most appropriate time during their work week, in order to be well prepared for the real-time (1-hour) tutorials. Access to the online material is through a highly reliable, secure, and proven platform, developed for Metcelerate, called the LMS (Learning Management System).

Weekly tutorials led by world-renowned experts

Each course includes a weekly live tutorial held by the course instructor in which participants are able to discuss the material and apply it to actual operational challenges that participants might be facing. The tutorials are also a great opportunity to clarify any doubts and interact with other participants. The sessions are recorded and are available for later review on the platform.

Periodic assignments focussed on inmediate operational improvement

The periodic assignments are integral part of the program where the participants will have to apply the newly acquired knowledge and skills to an operational problem that requires an immediate solution.

Operational Optimization project integrating all courses of the program

The optimization project will be defined in coordination with the leaders of each participant’s operation. The topic to be addressed must be a complex and open problem that requires the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of results and provides an opportunity for creativity in proposing solutions. Successful completion of this project means that you will have demonstrated the ability to formulate a problem in engineering terms, manage a schedule and resources, and find solutions by applying current and appropriate mineral processing tools and methods.

World-renowned experts

The Metcelerate program developers and course instructors are professionals with a unique backgrounds in applied research, operations, and professional training & human capital development, in each of the technical focus areas of the program.

The contents of the Metcelerate program are based on the essential functions that are required for plant operation:

Metallurgical process management:

Operational stability; automation, diagnostic tools; modeling and plant optimization.

Management of process input data:

Ore characterization; interaction of unit processes with upstream or downstream processes; design constraints vs. ore constraints.

Management of equipment performance data:

Sensor calibration; sampler availability and status; online measurement systems; quality control; preventive maintenance; site and laboratory QA/QC.

Calendar of the program in English

Orientation week

Mining value chain

Process mineralogy



S/L and S/S separation


Experimental design
Optimization project


S/L and S/S separation

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